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What Is DCWT?

"Dad, Can We Talk?" was created by Anthony Ray when he realized the negative stereotypes that were being portrayed in the media about black fatherhood. To him, fatherhood in general was looked down upon and almost always negatively portrayed in media. Because of this, he decided to create a platform to highlight all of the great fathers that he knew personally. DCWT is a platform where dads from all backgrounds can share their experiences with fatherhood and encourage one another. DCWT is not a platform that highlights perfect dads, it highlights dads that are committed to their families, and are working towards being better everyday. The purpose of this podcast is to show that there are dads out there that are willing and able to provide for their families, nurture their children, love their wives, and commit to the work of fatherhood. We are not babysitters, we are DADS!!! "Dad, Can We Talk?" is By Dads, For Dads! We support fatherhood! We are doing the work of changing the narrative of fatherhood! 

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